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The UCS struggle is a campaign film supporting the fight to retain their jobs by the workers at Upper Clyde Shipyards who developed a new weapon for waging this fight – the occupation and the work-in.

upper clyde shipbuilders

A film made up mainly of graphics and animation in support of the call by Merseyside GEC shop stewards for factory occupations as a response to GEC’s closure and redundancy proposals.


So That You Can Live is a documentary filmed over five years showing the impact on one family in a South Wales valley community of developments in the national and global political economy which result in local pit and factory closures.

so that you can live

The miners’ film documents the industrial action by miners in the winter of 1973-4 which helped to bring down Edward Heath’s Tory government.

the miners’ film

A documentary made with shipyard workers during the occupation and work-in at the Upper Clyde Shipbuilders from July 1971 to October 1972.

Class Struggle – Film From The Clyde

A campaign film to build solidarity with striking workers at Acton tube depot following the breakdown or orthodox negotiations.

london transport

A campaign film against Greater London Council attempts to raise council rents.

not a penny on the rent

A campaign film supporting squatters in various London boroughs resisting eviction by private landlords and the Greater London Council.