Who Killed Mark Faulkner – BBC2


“The riveting and tragic Who Killed Mark Faulkner? charted his descent from a troubled youth sleeping rough with only his demons for company, to a cold cadaver on a mortuary slab….the impassioned documentary asked how a young disabled man can die on the streets of one of the world’s richest cities.”
The Guardian

Proud Arabs and Texan Oilmen


“If you were in England or America during the Gulf war, you probably remember it as a neat, hi-tech operation. ‘Proud Arabs and Texan Oilmen’ will blast that memory our of your mind. Instead you’ll be left with an image of a bloody, unequal war fought for cynical objectives by a megalomaniac America.”
Sophy Kershaw, Time Out


“A sustained and often persuasive attack on American manipulation of the United Nations.”
Simon O’Hagan, Independent on Sunday

The People’s Flag – C4


“Absolutely magnificent….a major campaigning instrument for socialism in Britain.”
Tony Benn


“These are stark and powerful history lessons, full of insight for the present. They ought to be widely seen.”
Hilary Wainwright


“Pure undiluted Marxist propaganda, redder than a Yuppie’s bank statement.”
The Sun